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Project Generation

Project Generation

Searcher is renowned for its multi-client project generation capabilities and has a constant flow of exploration ideas to assist our clients to evaluate, secure and explore acreage for oil and gas.

Once an idea is matured to operational status we generally cooperate as a joint venture with the selected service provider’s, so don’t be surprised if you see the Searcher logo proudly displayed beside some of the largest players in the industry.

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We evaluate areas and ask the questions that are key to project success. Operating in complex geological environments, our geoscience team is involved in up front geological qualification and prospect evaluation to ensure optimisation of our project design.

We create integrated solutions that strive to seamlessly merge acquisition, processing and a ‘prospect first’ focus to deliver quality interpretable datasets to our clients.

Our strategic global partnerships give us the flexibility to deliver projects in an expedient and efficient manner allowing our clients timely access to data.

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