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Searcher hosts annual Explorers Lounge Evening

21 Feb 2020

Searcher hosted its annual Explorers Lounge, A Night on the Rocks, event in Perth at The Flour Factory on Wednesday evening.

The Explorers Lounge is an expansion of Searcher's long-promoted lounge which features globally on its exhibition booths. The concept of Searcher’s Explorer's Lounge is to provide a relaxed atmosphere where learning and free flowing discussion can be had in a comfortable setting amongst peers. The event allowed for industry experts to come together in a social setting, coupled with a night of learning insights into a specific topic.

Joshua Thorp, Geoscience Manager for Searcher, presented his published paper, “Enabling new workflows through a novel approach to data management”. The presentation showed some of the exciting work we’re developing at Searcher on our SaismicTM platform in analytics and machine learning at scale.

A huge thanks to those 100 individuals who attended and we hope to see you at Searcher's next Explorers Lounge!

For more information or to request a SaismicTM demonstration, please contact:

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