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Searcher Announces Expansion of Argentina Data Library

28 May 2019

Searcher is pleased to announce the expansion of the Argentina Super-Tie 2D Reprocessing Project.

Following the success of phase 1 which specifically targeted the recent offshore bid round, the project has now been extended to include all available offshore 2D seismic data in the Malvinas and Austral Basins.

The reprocessing effort will utilize a modern broadband and AVO compliant workflow to both improve imaging quality and provide regionally consistent data coverage.

Josh Thorp, Geoscience Manager for Searcher said, “Given the complexity and volume of vintage data involved, the project would not have been possible without support from the Secretariat of Energy and several industry partners who have all contributed data and significant resources to make this project a reality.”

Alan Hopping, General Manager, added “The recent Argentina offshore round attracted bids from 13 oil companies who secured 18 new permits. It’s an exciting time for the Argentina oil and gas industry and we are looking forward to further collaboration with our clients as exploration continues.” 

The Argentina Super-Tie 2D PSTM Reprocessing Project expands Searcher’s data library in Argentina, which currently includes 200,000 km of rectified 2D, 1,865 km² 3D and 11,171 km of Pre-STM broadband reprocessed data.

Data deliverables expected to be available in Q4 2019.

For further information, please contact:

Americas: Triny Rivera | Europe: Katherine Fitzpatrick | Asia Pacific: Paul Larsen