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Searcher expands its Offshore Argentina Seismic and Well Database

17 Apr 2018

Searcher Seismic is pleased to announce its expansion of the Offshore Argentina Seismic and Well Database which is being carried out in anticipation of the 2018 Argentina Offshore Bidding Round 1.

Since late 2016, Searcher Seismic has been collating, organising, reimaging, interpreting and evaluating a vast amount of offshore data from the Argentina continental shelf areas.  The original data required considerable adjustments, editing and QC enhancement, which allows the industry to easily utilise the rectified data sets for further analysis.

Searcher now holds 11,171 km of Pre-STM broadband reprocessed data and over 100,000 km Post-STM processed open file 2D and 1,865 km² 3D. Several of these surveys contain multiple versions of processing adding an additional 40,000 km.

The well database includes 67 enhanced well completion reports with supporting data and 62 digital well files with a conditioned LAS dataset. The original reports where required been translated from Spanish to English language.

The extensive seismic and well coverage has also enabled a detailed post-well analysis on 65 wells of the Lower Cretaceous Springhill Formation. This is the main reservoir target in most of the wells drilled to date.

The above is in addition to the Offshore Argentina Basin Analysis Report and GIS project that was completed by Searcher last year. This project incorporated; depth and isopach maps, tectonic reconstructions, a geochemical atlas and play maps covering 18 sequence stratigraphic units from Permo-Triassic to present day.

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