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Searcher commences 3D seismic reprocessing in PNG

11 Jan 2017

Searcher Seismic is pleased to announce it has commenced a significant 3D reprocessing project, offshore Papua New Guinea.

The project comprises reprocessing existing open-file 3D datasets with a modern broadband de-ghosting and pre-stack depth migration sequence.

“As we’ve seen with our 2D seismic projects, reprocessing of legacy data in the highly prospective Gulf of Papua can bring significant data quality uplift”, said Joshua Thorp, Geoscience Manager for Searcher.

“By utilising a modern workflow with broadband deghosting and a full pre-stack depth migration sequence, we expect to resolve the complex structures of the fold belt and accurately delineate the deep grabens,” Mr Thorp added.

Processing has commenced at WesternGeco in Perth and final data is expected in Quarter 3, 2017.

The 3D reprocessing project complements Searcher's existing 2D seismic coverage of the area which currently stands at over 75,000 km.
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