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Big Results in Shallow Water - Mexico

05 Apr 2017

Recent news of ENI's successful well offshore Mexico has further ignited the prospectivity potential of the shallow water areas in the Gulf.

Located in just 25 metres of water, the Amoca-2 well reached a total depth of approximately 3,500 meters.

According to ENI's press release, the well encountered ~110 metres of net oil pay from Pliocene reservoir sandstones, of which 65 meters were discovered in a deeper, previously undrilled horizon.

Mexico_Amoca Discovery

Map showing the Amoca prospect and Searcher's seismic programs in the Gulf of Mexico

Searcher Seismic has two shallow water seismic programs in the gulf with data available for delivery now.

The South Campeche Ultracube™ 3D reprocessing project comprises approximately 15,900km2 and is located in one of Mexico's most prominent offshore exploration areas, with several proven oil and gas discoveries.

75% of the South Campeche Ultracube is located in waters less than 1000 metres in depth; with the shallowest water depth being approximately 30 metres. The project is a merge of three existing surveys; the Holok Alvardo 3D (2003), the Cequi 3D (2010) and the Boloi Norte-Balche-Xulum 3D (2003). With coverage to Rounds 2 and 3, the South Campeche Ultracube is competitively priced for oil companies to utilise in their exploration efforts.

Searcher Mexico Projects

Regional map showing Searcher's seismic programs

The Buscador Near-shore 2D survey comprises ~11,200 km of high quality, long-offset newly acquired 2D data, designed to tie key exploration wells and establish a regional tectonic framework from which to conduct basin modelling and seismic stratigraphic analysis of the entire prospective near-shore Mexican offshore area.

The survey covers both proven mature and semi-mature prospective regions and also enters into shallow-water areas.

Careful attention to exact well ties provides a reliable cost-efficient dataset enabling explorers to create regional interpretations prior to selecting target areas for more detailed work.

In addition, Searcher Seismic has undertaken a comprehensive review of the open-file data of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounds to provide a regional geological framework and analysis tool for managing ongoing evaluation and acreage release within the area.

The Mexico and Surrounds Multi-Client Basin Analysis Report summarises key hydrocarbon play components (reservoir, seal and charge) in a set of 24 time slices from the Permian to Present and covers the US, Mexico (onshore and offshore) and western Caribbean.

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