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Searcher completes community awareness campaign in PNG

29 Jan 2016

In collaboration with the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE), Searcher conducted a community awareness campaign for the Haere Broadband 2D Seismic Survey late last year.

Team member Alu Ila - right - explaining seismic technique_726

Team member Alu Ila (far right) explaining seismic technique to locals

The purpose of the awareness campaign was to ensure the local communities in PNG are involved and informed about the acquisition of the Haere Broadband Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey. The campaign also serves to further inform communities about Oil and Gas development.

The campaign entailed visits to coastline communities from Orokolo Bay in the Gulf Province to the eastern Papuan Peninsular, Milne Bay Province.

Map Showing Awareness Campaign

Map showing area of coverage during field visits and the staging locations.

Community meeting at Akapiru vill - Gulf Province_726

Community Meeting at Akapiru Village - Gulf Province

Ihu District Councillors meeting at Akapiru Village_726

Ihu District Councillors Meeting at Akapiru Village

The feedback received from the campaign was positive with the communities very appreciative of being informed and made aware of what the Government and operators are undertaking in the region.

Paul Miller, Operations Manager for Searcher, said campaigns like this are invaluable for both parties.

"The opportunity to communicate directly with the local communities and hear their concerns and then in turn be able to work together in addressing these is very worthwhile for all involved.

"Searcher has worked with the DPE on a number of projects and has always strived to inform local communities of our plans".

"Going forward we will actively take on the feedback we receive and incorporate this into our future awareness campaigns", Mr Miller added.

Acquisition of the Haere Broadband Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey is now 50% complete with fast track deliveries expected in March 2016.

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