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Mexico and Surrounds Multi-Client Basin Analysis Report

17 Oct 2016

Searcher Seismic has undertaken a comprehensive review of the open-file data of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounds to provide a regional geological framework and analysis tool for managing ongoing evaluation and acreage release within the area.

The Multi-Client Basin Analysis Report is available now and comprises:

  • Plate tectonic analysis
  • Depths to basement grid
  • Synchronised sequence stratigraphy of some 20 geologically distinct regions (US-Mexico-Caribbean)
  • 24 paleogeographic time slices from the Permo-Triassic to Present;
  • Source rock presence and preliminary maturity maps;
  • 24 Permo-Triassic to Present play maps combining reservoir, seal and hydrocarbon charge; and
  • An integrated analysis of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the region

The report summarises key hydrocarbon play components (reservoir, seal and charge) in a set of 24 time slices from the Permian to Present and covers the US, Mexico (onshore and offshore) and western Caribbean.

Basin Analysis Report

A preliminary assessment of risk for each time slice is provided which allows quick ranking of vastly different areas. Based on hundreds of references and a significant in-house knowledge of the region, the report is supported by a digital set of paleogeographic reconstructions and source rock atlases allowing workstation ready display of the deliverables.

Deliverables include an electronic and hardcopy of the report and the GIS Project.

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