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Discover the story behind the Offshore Canning Basin, WA

12 Jun 2015

Offshore Canning Story Behind

The offshore Canning Basin has long been considered the moose pasture between the fertile hunting grounds of the Carnarvon and the Browse Basins.

Sure, there was that Phoenix well that found some tight gas back in 1980, but what can you do with that?

Then Phoenix South-01 changed everything.
Oil in the Lower Triassic – lots of it. The biggest oil discovery in Australia for decades. Game on!

Wondering what it all means? We can help.

The Offshore Canning Basin Prospectivity Study
In cooperation with Insight Petroleum, a new interpretation of the petroleum potential of the area, including not only the Bedout Sub-basin around Phoenix South, but how this new Lower Triassic petroleum system changes the perceptions and possibilities in the adjacent areas. Available now!

Roebuck Super-TieTM reprocessing
A new regional grid comprising over 5,000 km of PSTM data to give you a better view of the bigger picture.

The Bilby MC 2D Survey
~12,000 km of new high resolution broadband acquisition over the Bedout and Oobagooma Sub-basins and the Broome Platform to help you identify where you want to go from here.

If you want to discover, you need to's as simple as that. 

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