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Discover the story behind the Echidna 2D Seismic Survey, Ireland

26 May 2015


The Grand Banks off Labrador, Canada.  Standing on the production platform for the Hibernia field there are well over a billion barrels of oil reserves beneath your feet. If you look off to the northeast there’s not much to see now, but back in the Cretaceous you might just have caught a glimpse of Ireland, and the basin that generated all that oil extended all the way there. Although the Porcupine Basin is on the other side of the Atlantic now, it shares a common history – and a common potential.  Not much drilling yet, but a few discoveries are starting to give a taste of what could be there.

Wondering how it all fits together?  The Echidna 2D survey will give you ~9,000 km of long offset, broadband data covering the Porcupine and Slyne Basins and the Goban Spur.  It ties 30 exploration and appraisal wells - 80% of the wells in the area and is processed in both time and depth.

You could even get some in time for the 2015 licensing round.  If you act now.

If you want to discover, you need to's as simple as that. 

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