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What’s in a name? Why Mialara?

20 Nov 2014

The Mialara 2D seismic survey was named after the recently identified Mialara Sub-Basin, located in the East Palawan Basin and situated in the North Sulu Sea.
The sub-basin was first identified by Searcher’s Chief Geoscientist; Mark Ballesteros, through interpretation of the Pala Sulu 2D seismic survey data, acquired as a Searcher & SeaBird Exploration JV multi-client survey by the Aquila Explorer in late 2011, early 2012.
The sub-basin was named Mialara after two Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) geoscientists, Mia and Lara, who were assigned as trainees to work with Searcher on the processing and interpretation of the Pala Sulu data and were onboard the Aquila Explorer during acquisition.
Mia and Lara
Ms Mia Camila C. Urbano recently graduated from the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand after completing the Petroleum Geoscience Master's Program, and Ms Lara Angeli Mambuay is working as a Petroleum Explorationist at Philodrill Corporation.
Searcher has an ongoing relationship with the Philippines DOE and will be hosting four trainees in January next year.
Acquisition of the Mialara survey is now complete with fast track data available for evaluating the PECR5 bidding round.

Mialara 201114

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