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Acquisition recommences on the Maud Basin South 3D Seismic Survey

31 Mar 2014

Searcher Seismic, in association with Dolphin Geophysical, is pleased to announce acquisition has recommenced on the new 3,290km2 3D SHarp BroadBand Multi-Client seismic survey in the Maud Basin South area of the Norwegian Barents Sea.

The Maud Basin South 3D seismic survey is being acquired using the high-end seismic vessel, the Sanco Sword, using SHarp Broadband acquisition and processing techniques which are proven, established and globally recognised by industry.

The Maud Basin South 3D Seismic Survey covers large areas of the margins and basinal part of the south Maud Basin which has been nominated for the 23rd Round.

The enhanced quality of the new 3D data may contribute to identification of additional prospects in this prolific new province. 

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