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Searcher announces the ST9802 Ultracube 3D Non-Exclusive Reprocessing Project

12 Mar 2013

Searcher Seismic is pleased to announce the ST9802 UltracubeTM 3D Reprocessing.

The 1,407 km2 project is located on the Finnmark Platform in the Barents Sea and is currently being fully reprocessed from field tapes.

With planned infrastructure in Veidnes outside Honningsvåg in Finnmark announced by Statoil ASA, this area is now receiving a surge in interest from industry.

The original processed 3D volume (1999 vintage) is missing many of today’s modern demultiple, gather flattening and migration algorithms, resulting in an extensive noise level and limited fault plane definitions over the entire recorded section (5.5 sec twt).

The ST9802 UltracubeTM 3D reprocessing will enhance the imaging of the Jurassic sequence located at 1 sec twt, and provide a better definition of the deeper Triassic and Permian clastics.

By applying modern noise attenuation techniques, we will be able to reduce the application of the upfront low cut filter from 6hz to 3hz, which will give a further full octave of bandwidth, critical for any follow-on QI work.

The output from the modern processing will also include angle stacks and final NMO corrected gathers for detailed amplitude work.

The reprocessing is scheduled to be completed at the end of Q2, 2013.

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