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Searcher completes the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Study of Myanmar

29 Oct 2012

The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Myanmar Regional Study is a leading edge analysis of the Petroleum Potential of all onshore and offshore basins of Myanmar.

The study will allow companies to fast-track evaluation of the imminent and exciting upcoming Myanmar acreage bid round.

The Study offers the most comprehensive hydrocarbon basin and play fairway analyses available today on the prolific hydrocarbon potential of the country.

ISIS has extensive knowledge having worked in SE Asia and Myanmar across a variety of different projects in the region for several years.

Combining this knowledge with Searcher's multi-client expertise will enable the clients to specifically meet the objectives of having access to a comprehensive cost-effective data base and analysis of the overall prospectivity of the country.

Besides providing a ranking of each of Myanmar's onshore and offshore open blocks, the study also includes an economic analysis of fiscal terms in Myanmar.

This will allow blocks to be ranked by their respective water depths, likely gas/oil resources and the potential commercial terms.

An extensive search of available resources has located a number of seismic lines in the public domain which are included in the report despite the difficulty of obtaining seismic data in the country.

An exciting development is the use of gravity data compilations for spectral separation to identify horst and graben structures of interest in each basin which can be integrated with the economic model, allowing companies to fast-track ranking and assessment of the overall prospectivity of the acreage on offer.

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