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Acquisition of the Gulspurv 3D Non-Exclusive seismic survey complete

15 Aug 2012

Searcher Seismic in conjunction with Dolphin Geophysical is pleased to announce the successful completion of acquisition for the Gulspurv 3D Seismic Survey.

The survey comprises 1,997 km2 high resolution 3D non-exclusive seismic data and overlies the highly prospective Bjørnøyarenna Fault Complex and is focused for the 22nd Licensing Round in the Barents Sea.

The Gulspurv 3D is located 30 kilometres north of the recent Skrugard and Havis oil discoveries (500MMbbl + recoverable reserves).

The survey was acquired with a 2ms sample rate and a near offset nominal distance of 75m.

Maximum shallow fold was achieved with a focussed source effort of a smaller volume (1,310 cu) high frequency source signature and shot point interval of 12.5m (flip-flop) to better preserve the shallow structural content in the data.

The processing workflow is based on Searcher’s successful high resolution 2D dataset from the Bjørnøya Basin North dataset acquired in 2011, and is tailored to maintain the high frequency content with the latest demultiple algorithms being employed and using modern interpolation and transforms.

The dataset has been processed as a 4ms volume to enable the fast track cube to be available at the end of August to allow interpretation prior to the closure of the 22nd Licensing Round evaluations.

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