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Vampire Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Vampire Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

The Vampire 2D survey acquired 7,000 km of 2D long-offset seismic in the prolific Browse Basin, Western Australia. The layout was designed with extensive input from the industry with respect to line orientation and well-tie selection. The survey provides an invaluable tool for understanding the regional structural and stratigraphic framework of the Browse Basin.  

The survey was completed using the Seabird vessel, M/V Aquila Explorer. The Aquila utilises high-end Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer technology and Bolt Source equipment (up to 6300 cu in) and is one of the best equipped 2D seismic vessels available to undertake this project. 

The seismic data processing has been undertaken in Perth, Western Australia and provides a consistent regional dataset that also ties the most relevant well information. A full suite of additional products has been generated during the processing sequence and allows further work such as AVO studies, inversion and basin modelling. 

The Browse Basin has received intensified exploration in recent years after a sporadic exploration history. Several large gas fields (> 5TCF) have been discovered within the basin, and with these discoveries has seen the push to commercialise them via LNG facilities. Outboard potential of this basin has now also been successfully tested. 

No comprehensive regional well tie survey has been acquired for at least 10 years in the Browse and tying these new discoveries is a key objective of the Vampire 2D survey. 

For further information on the Vampire Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey please contact us directly. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 7,398.73km
Acquisition Details

Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer 

M/V Aquila Explorer (Seabird) 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 2 ms 

Record Length: 8 sec 

Streamer Length: 7950 m 

Key Processing Parameters


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Full Angle AGC Migration SEGY 

Navigation Data P190 

RMS Stacking Velocities ASCII 

Processing Report PDF 

Raw Angle Stacks (Near Mid Far) SEGY 

Final Angle Stacks (Near Mid Far) SEGY 

Field Tapes SEGD 

Demultiple Gathers SEGY 

PSTM Gathers SEGY 

AVO Intercept SEGY 

AVO Gradient SEGY 

AVO Intercept x Gradient SEGY 

RMS Migration Velocities ASCII 

Seismic Example

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