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Silver-Eye 3D Seismic Survey

Silver-Eye 3D Seismic Survey

Silver-Eye 3D Seismic Survey area now comprises of over 4,500 km2 of newly acquired seismic. With Phase 1 and Phase 2 is now complete, the survey covers the north and south flanks of the Hammerfest Basin, Norway. 

The survey was designed to expand the 3D coverage of the Hammerfest Basin and to further highlight the potential of this highly prospective area. 

The data was processed by DownUnder GeoSolutions and is now available for delivery. 

For more information on the Silver-Eye 3D Seismic Survey please contact us directly:

Project Parameters

Acquisition Details

Streamer: 10 x Ion DigiStreamer 

Source: 2 x 2330 in3 G.Gun II Airgun Array 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 2 ms 

SP Int: 12.5 m 

Record Length: 4.8 sec 

Streamer Length: 10 x 7600 m 


Final Full Angle Volume (AGC) 

Filtered and Scaled Relative Amplitude Angle Volumes (Near, Mid, Far) 

Final Stacking Velocities 

Navigation Data 

Acquisition Report 

Processing Report 

Seismic Example

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