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Roebuck Super-Tie™ Reprocessing

Roebuck Super-Tie™ Reprocessing

The Roebuck Super-Tie™ is a regional grid comprising over 5,000 km of reprocessed PSTM data from the existing JNOC 86 SPA-4 grid. 

The new data will provide excellent coverage of the Offshore Canning Basin and will be available May 2015. 

Related Projects: Offshore Canning Prospectivity Study. 

For more information about the Roebuck Super-Tie™ contact us directly. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 5,351.19km
Key Processing Parameters

Shallow water demultiple 


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Final Full Angle Volume (AGC) 

Relative Amplitude Full Stack 

Filtered and Scaled Relative Amplitude Angle Volumes (Near, Mid, Far) 

Final NMO corrected PSTM Gathers 

Navigation Data 

Processing Report 

RMS Migration Velocities 

RMS stacking Velocities 

Seismic Example

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