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Pala-Sulu Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Pala-Sulu Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Searcher Seismic in cooperation with the Department of Energy Philippines, acquired 6,206 km of long offset 2D seismic data over the Palawan, Mindoro-Cuyo, Sulu Sea and Sandakan basins called the Pala-Sulu Seismic Survey. 

For the first time, the survey provides a consistent link between the basins to create a uniform stratigraphic framework.  

The survey has been designed to better define the tectonic framework of the Philippines' most important petroleum basins and to improve the imaging of the lower sedimentary sections and basement. 

The survey utilises state of the art acquisition and processing to ensure the resulting dataset is of the highest quality. A full suite of additional deliverables has been produced during processing to allow for further studies such as basin modelling, AVO and inversion. 

For further information on the Pala-Sulu Seismic Survey, please contact us directly. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 6,205.69km
Acquisition Details

Seabird Aquila Explorer 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 2 ms 

Record Length: 12 sec 

Streamer Length: 7 km 

Key Processing Parameters


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Full Angle AGC Migration 

Final Angle Stacks 

AVO Products 

PSTM Gathers 

Navigation Data 

RMS Stacking Velocities 

Processing Report 

Interpretation Report 

Seismic Example

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