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Offshore Canning Area Prospectivity Study

Offshore Canning Area Prospectivity Study

The Offshore Canning Area Prospectivity Study is based on new interpretation of well over 130,000 km of OpenSeis* and 5,000 km of reprocessed seismic data. 

The recent oil discovery at Phoenix South-1, the largest oil discovery for several decades, demonstrates presence of a working oil petroleum system in the Lower Triassic. 

Substantial potential appears to exist not only in and around the Phoenix South area, but updip on the flanks of the basin.  

In addition to Triassic plays, potential is also evident in the Jurassic and Cretaceous sequences, where available data over the Broome Platform reveals multiple reservoir / seal pairs, analogous to the accumulations in the Stag, Gwydion and Cornea fields elsewhere in the region. 

Direct hydrocarbon indications on the Broome Platform such as surface seepage and pockmarks, provide supporting evidence of long distance migration and Paleozoic plays are proven onshore but remain relatively unexplored in the offshore areas. 

The study will provide timely and strategic information which will help companies understand the implications of the recent Phoenix South-1 discovery and the prospectivity of the Bedout, Rowley and Oobagooma Sub-basins and adjacent platform areas, as well as providing an excellent foundation for additional detailed studies. 

Study includes: 

- Review of regional structure and stratigraphy. 

- Time, depth and isopach mapping of key horizons and intervals. 

- Detailed well correlations. 

- Evaluation of petroleum system elements. 

- Integration of high resolution processing of gravity and magnetics data. 

- Geochemistry/Maturity Modelling. 

- Summary of play fairways. 


Data package included with study comprises: 

- License to over 130,000 km of OpenSeis 2D seismic data plus over 5,000 km of recent Super-Tie reprocessing. 

- Digital data for over 60 wells, interpretation data, maps (pdf) and potential field data. 

- Kingdom project including all data loaded and ready to go with interpreted horizons. 


* OpenSeis seismic data is phase matched, amplitude balanced, mis-tie corrected Open File seismic data, with standardised headers and navigation for ease of loading. 

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Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Offshore Canning Area 

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