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Northern Basins Prospectivity Study

Northern Basins Prospectivity Study

Papua New Guinea has become one of the world's most exciting exploration regions, with significant petroleum potential in the Gulf of Papua and its Northern Basins. Modern seismic data has enabled deeper imaging of distinctive tectonic packages and basement which has been utilised in the studies leading to the identification of several play types that have not been previously recognized. 

Searcher Seismic has undertaking a comprehensive Geological and Geophysical Study of the Papua New Guinea Northern Basins. 

Searcher, in conjunction with Discover Geoscience, has compiled the Northern Basins Prospectivity Study following its successful acquisition of the Solomon Sea Broadband Non-Exclusive 2D seismic survey in 2017. 

The study offers the industry a detailed understanding of the basins and hydrocarbon potential of the region, with extensive coverage of the Cape Vogel, Bougainville and New Ireland Basins. 

The Northern Basins Prospectivity Study contains an assessment of the Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, with Chronostratigraphy unified with that from Searcher's Gulf of Papua Prospectivity Study. It also incorporates Tectonostratigraphic Elements, Palaeogeography, Gravity & Magnetic Interpretation, Petroleum System Analysis, Regional Hydrocarbon Modelling and finally a summary of Play Concepts. 

The Northern Basins of Papua New Guinea have piqued the interest of Oil & Gas companies focused on exploration in frontier basins. 

For the first time, modern seismic data has unveiled detailed imaging of the subsurface within the Northern Basins and this study compliments this seismic data by providing a comprehensive geological understanding of the region, with several plays types identified. 

The potential for this region is significant, with the study providing new light on basins that previously had very little data and analysis undertaken to date. 

The Northern Basins Prospectivity Study is now available in conjunction with the Solomon Sea Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey. 

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Tectono-stratigraphy framework 

Post Mortem analysis of 3 wells 

Chronostratigraphy merged with GOP 

TWT and Depth maps of 5 key horizons 

Isochron maps 

Geoseismic Sections 

2D Gravity Modelling 

AVO and DHI analysis 

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