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Onshore North Perth Basin Super-Tie™

Onshore North Perth Basin Super-Tie™

Activity in the Perth Basin continues to gather momentum. AWE recently announced a substantial increase in the gross recoverable gas volumes in the Waitsia, Senicio, Irwin and Synaphea fields, with 2P Reserves plus 2C Contingent Resources now exceeding 720 Bcf. This confirms the accumulation as the largest conventional gas discovery onshore WA since the 1960s. The announcement is particularly significant because much of the gas is trapped in good quality conventional reservoirs in the Permian Kingia/High Cliff Sandstones, opening up an exciting new play in basin. 

In addition, Empire Oil reported that gas and condensate reserves in the Jurassic Cattamarra Coal Measures at Red Gully Field have also been increased substantially, and Transerv Energy is currently drilling Warro-5 to appraise and test the multi-Tcf potential of the Yaragadee Formation in the Warro field, reinforcing the fact that there are multiple working petroleum systems that companies can target. 

The Onshore North Perth Basin Super-Tie will consist of a high quality grid of reprocessed seismic data with well ties. Navigation data will be meticulously reviewed and corrected to ensure data ties are optimised and a regionally consistent basin-wide statics model has been developed to ensure a common elevation datum and shallow velocity field is applied. 

The data will be processed using modern processing techniques to provide a new foundation for understanding the prospectivity and potential of the area. 

Initial results are available now. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 11,765km
Processing Details

PSTM reprocessing 

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