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Monodon Ultracube™ 3D Reprocessing

Monodon Ultracube™ 3D Reprocessing

The Monodon Ultracube™ is a joint project between Searcher Seismic and DownUnder GeoSolutions consisting of ~ 14,700 km2 3D and ~2,000 km 2D reprocessed data in the prospective Northern Carnarvon Basin of the North West Shelf, Western Australia. 

The project incorporates a total of sixteen individual 3D surveys and three 2D surveys shot between 1982 and 2004. 

The study includes the reprocessing from field tapes using a state-of-the-art flow and cutting edge algorithms that include industry leading linear noise removal and regularisation (DUG Reg®). 

The reprocessed data has been merged prior to anisotropic (TTI) pre-stack depth migration incorporating multi-iteration tomographic model building. 

Access to such a large and comprehensive data set is typically very difficult and often not possible. Large-scale 3D surveys of this size are invaluable for geological interpretation and basin modelling applications. 

The 3D contributing surveys to the fully merged dataset are Panaeus 1, Panaeus 2 South, Panaeus 2 North, Panaeus 99A, Panaeus 99B, Panaeus 99C, Panaeus 99 East, Panaeus 2000 West, Panaeus 2001 East, Wandoo, Stag, Cash, East Dampier, Demeter, Shelley OBC marine seismic surveys, located in the Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Western Australia. 

The datasets were processed from SEGD field tapes by DownUnder GeoSolutions in their Perth office from April 2011 to January 2012. 

Data from all stages of the processing are available including image gathers and angle stacks. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 17,111.6km2
Processing Details

Zero Phase Designature 

Linear Noise Removal 

Shallow Water Multiple Prediction Demultiple 

Tau-P Deconvolution 

Match Surveys 


Six rounds of tomographic velocity Model Building 

Anisotropic Pre-stack Kirchhoff Depth Migration 

Depth to Time Conversion 

Frequency Enhancement 

Residual Moveout correction 

Time Varying Filtering 

Residual Scaling 

Key Processing Details

3D Surface Related Multiple Attenuation (3D SRME) 

Shallow water multiple prediction (SWaMP) 

Five iterations of tomographic velocity updating of velocity model 

Anisotropic Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration 


Full Stack (8-35 degree) 

Near Stack (5-15 degree) 

Mid stack (15-25 degree) 

Far Stack (25-35 degree) 

Ultrafar Stack (35-45 degree) 

Migration Gathers 

Interval Velocities 

RMS Velocities 

Bin Centre UKOOA Data 

Processing Report 

Seismic Example

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