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Malvinas Basin 2D Seismic Reprocessing Survey

Malvinas Basin 2D Seismic Reprocessing Survey

The Malvinas Basin 2D Seismic Reprocessing Survey comprises approximately ~11,174 km of vintage 2D field data originally acquired in 1998 with streamer lengths ranging from 4500m to 6000m. 

Located in the Malvinas Basin, offshore Argentina, Searcher has commenced reprocessing through a comprehensive broadband PSTM flow. Initial results are showing considerable uplift and final data will be available in February 2018. 


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Project Parameters

Project Size 11,174.42km
Processing Details

Vintage: 1998 

Streamer Length: 4500m – 6000m 

Processing: Down Under Geosolutions 

Processing Flow: Broadband de-ghosting | SRME | PSTM 


Final PSTM Full Angle Stacks 

Final True amplitude PSTM and Angle Stacks (Full, Near, Mid, Far) 

Final PSTM CDP Gathers with residual RMO 

Final PSTM Velocity Field 

Final Imaging Velocity Field in Time 

Navigation Data 

Processing Report 

Seismic Example

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