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Huayno 2D Pre-Stack Reprocessing

Huayno 2D Pre-Stack Reprocessing

Searcher, in co-operation with Perupetro, has released three new multi-disciplinary multi-client projects as part of its Offshore Peru Exploration Campaign. It is the first time any single company has presented the industry with the opportunity to interact with such an expansive collection of highly enhanced exploration data which has benefited from modern processing, interpretation and digitising techniques. 

Searcher is now reprocessing 25,700 km of vintage 2D field data for the Huayno 2D Pre-Stack Reprocessing project. The regional 2D reprocessing project aims to provide a much-improved, consistent, regional grid covering the offshore basins of Peru, with multiple vintages tying as many wells, leads and prospects as possible. 

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Project Parameters

Key Processing Details

Broadband source and receiver deghosting 


Shallow water demultiple 

Pre-Stack Time Migration 


Final PSTM stack 

True amplitude PSTM angle stacks (Full, Near, Mid, Far, Ultra-Far) 

Final PSTM CDP gathers with residual RMO 

PSTM velocity field 

Stacking velocity field 

Navigation Data 

Processing Report 

Seismic Example

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