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Havspurv High Resolution Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Havspurv High Resolution Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Havspurv High Resolution 2D Seismic Survey is 10,011 km of acquired high resolution data over the Barents Sea. 

The Havspurv High Resolution 2D Seismic Survey (NPD Seismic Survey SS1101) provides oil companies with the first ever regional survey in the Barents Sea, focusing on the main structural elements with correct imaging of the upper sedimentary units and the fault patterns near the sea floor. 

Havspurv 2D Seismic Survey was designed to utilise a high frequency source signature in order to further enhance the high frequency signal recoverable in the data. The survey provides high resolution imaging of the shallow units and fault patterns to allow better understanding of the distribution of hydrocarbons and fault systems. Recent discoveries in the Barents Sea have proven the need for this high spatial resolution to delineate faulting and structural trapping within the first 1-2 seconds of data acquired. 

The data processing is tailored to maintain the high frequency content with the latest demultiple algorithms being employed. A full suite of additional products have been generated during the PSTM sequence and allows further work such as AVO studies. The additional products available and the high sample rate of acquisition is also of benefit for further inversion studies. 

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Project Parameters

Project Size 10,011.45km
Acquisition Details

RV Professor Kurentsov 

1,030 cubic inches airgun array 

24 bits digital streamer 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 1 ms 

Record Length: 6 sec 

Streamer Length: 5 km 

Key Processing Parameters

High Resolution focus to shallow section 


Final Full Angle PSTM Volume (AGC) SEGY 

True Amplitude Angle Stacks (Near, Mid, Far, Full) SEGY 

AVO Products (Intercept, Gradient, IxG) SEGY 

Final NMO Corrected PSTM Gathers SEGY 

Pre-Migration Radon Gathers SEGY 

Final Stacking Velocity ASCII 

Final Migration Velocity ASCII 

Navigation Data P190 

Acquisition Report PDF 

Processing Report PDF 

Seismic Example

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