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Foxhound Non-Exclusive 3D Seismic Survey

Foxhound Non-Exclusive 3D Seismic Survey

Searcher Seismic in conjunction with project partner CGG acquired and processed the ~3,500 km2 Foxhound 3D Seismic Survey. 

The Foxhound 3D Seismic Survey consists of two separate 3D cubes (east and west) connected together by a single 2D line. 

The Foxhound survey is split into two portions, the Western cube which lies North-East and on trend to the Chandon, Martell and Io/Jansz fields, and the Eastern portion which lies North-North-East and on trend to the Pluto and Wheatstone fields. 

The area surrounding the eastern Foxhound 3D cube has been notorious for providing low quality seismic due to the extreme canyoning and large drop offs present on the seafloor. 

However, utilising a north – south shooting direction has shown a vast improvement in the Foxhound 3D seismic quality compared to that of its immediate counterparts. 

The survey is available for immediate delivery. 

For further information on the Foxhound 3D Non Exclusive Seismic Survey please contact us directly. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 3,514.62km2
Acquisition Details

10 x 7050m Digital Solid Streamer 

Completed August 2009 

M/V Geowave Voyager (CGGVeritas) 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 2 ms 

Record Length: 6 sec 

Streamer Length: 7050 m 

Streamer Separation: 100 m 

Key Processing Parameters


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Field Data SEGD 

Demultiple Gathers SEGY 

PSTM Gathers SEGY 

Final PSTM Cube SEGY 

Navigation Data P190 

Angle Stacks SEGY 

Acquisition Report PDF 

Processing Report PDF 

Final Stacking Velocity ASCII 

Seismic Example

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