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Carnarvon Ultracube™ 3D PSTM Reprocessing

Carnarvon Ultracube™ 3D PSTM Reprocessing

The Carnarvon Ultracube™ is a joint project between Searcher Seismic and Spectrum that consists of ~23,000 km2 of PSTM reprocessed 3D data in the Carnarvon Basin, making it Australia's largest ever non-exclusive 3D PSTM reprocessing project. The project currently incorporates a total of 28 individual surveys shot between 1991 and 2009 and will continue to undergo future phases of expansion. 

Reprocessing the multiple datasets as a single contiguous volume from field tapes using the latest PSTM processing techniques provides a cost effective means to significantly improve the data quality throughout and surrounding the Barrow sub-basin. The resulting Ultracube™ volume provides a foundation for re-evaluation of the underlying acreage and reveals significant untested exploration potential. 

Modern PSTM processing and attention to detail with velocity analysis results in better multiple attenuation and superior reflector definition and character. The contiguous migration effort virtually eliminates the edge effects at the transition between adjacent input surveys and the fold contribution from each survey contribute to better imaging at these survey boundaries. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 22,440km2
Processing Details

Commenced September 2008 

Processed in Perth, Western Australia 

Key Processing Parameters


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Field Data SEGD 

Demultiple Gathers SEGY 

PSTM Gathers SEGY 

Final PSTM Cube SEGY 

Navigation Data P190 

Angle Stacks SEGY 

Processing Report PDF 

Final Stacking Velocity ASCII 

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