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Buscador Near-Shore 2D Seismic Survey

Buscador Near-Shore 2D Seismic Survey

The Buscador Near-shore 2D survey comprises approximately 11,100 km of high quality, long-offset newly acquired 2D data, designed to tie key exploration wells and establish a regional tectonic framework from which to conduct basin modelling and seismic stratigraphic analysis of the entire prospective near-shore Mexican offshore area. 

The survey covers both proven mature and semi-mature prospective regions and also enters into shallow-water areas with no or limited drilling activity to date. 

Careful attention to exact well ties will provide a reliable cost-efficient dataset enabling explorers to create regional interpretations prior to selecting target areas for more detailed work. 

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Project Parameters

Project Size 11,115.84km
Acquisition Parameters

Vessel: BGP Pioneer


Streamer Type: Solid 

Streamer Depth: 7m/15m (flat tow) 

Group Interval: 12.5 

Streamer Length: 5km/10km 

Sample Rate: 2ms 

Record Length: min 8/14 sec 


Source Volume: 4280 

Source Depth: 6m 

Shot Interval: 25m/37.5m 


Fast Track PSTM Full Angle Stack 

Final PSDM Full Angle Stack (in time and depth) 

Final True Amplitude PSDM Angle Stacks (Full, Near, Mid, Far, & Ultrafar) (time and depth) 

Final PSDM CDP Gathers with residual RMO (in time) 

Final Imaging Velocity Field (in time and depth) 

Final Smoothed Imaging Velocity Field for depth conversion (in time and depth) 

Final Anisotropy Parameters (in depth) 

Navigation Data 

Processing Report 

Acquisition Report 

Seismic Example

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