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Browse Ultracube™ Non-Exclusive 3D Seismic Reprocessing

Browse Ultracube™ Non-Exclusive 3D Seismic Reprocessing

The Browse Ultracube™ 3D project comprises the reprocessing and integration of 3 phases of the North Browse TQ3D surveys to create a single fully reprocessed pre-stack time migrated (PSTM) volume. Contiguous volume interpretation on a basin wide scale will provide the foundation of future exploration in the Browse. 

The seismic data provides a consistent 3D dataset which has the potential to further understand the regional stratigraphic and structural interpretation of the Browse Basin. A full suite of additional products are available and allows further work such as depth processing, AVO studies and inversion. Dynamic water bottom corrections, attention to detail in the velocity analysis and addressing the azimuthal anisotropy, have proven to yield significant uplift in the resolution of the dataset and the ability to preserve deep coherent reflectors. 

The Browse Basin has received intensive exploration in recent years after a sporadic exploration history. Several large gas fields (> 5TCF) have been discovered within the basin which are currently being commercialised. The outboard potential of this basin has now also been successfully tested. 

For further information on the Browse Ultracube™ Non-Exclusive 3D Seismic Reprocessing project please contact us directly. 

Project Parameters

Project Size 10,060km2
Processing Details

Processed in Perth 

Key Processing Parameters


Kirchhoff PSTM 


Field Data SEGD 

Demultiple Gathers SEGY 

PSTM Gathers SEGY 

Final PSTM Cube SEGY 

Navigation Data P190 

Angle Stacks SEGY 

Processing Report PDF 

Final Stacking Velocity ASCII 

Seismic Example

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