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Bilby Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

Bilby Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey

The Bilby Non-Exclusive 2D Seismic Survey comprises of over 14,000 km of 2D long-offset, high resolution DUG Broad seismic in the Bedout Sub-basin and Broome Platform, Western Australia. 

The survey was designed to provide a grid of modern, high quality data to help identify prospective structural and stratigraphic trends that can be used for regional evaluations and future detailed seismic survey design. 

The hydrocarbon potential of the Bedout Sub-basin was first demonstrated in 1980 by the Phoenix-1 well, which encountered an interpreted gas column of over 700m in poor quality sands within the Middle-Lower Triassic Keraudren Formation. 

The recent discoveries of oil within this interval in Phoenix South-1 and Dorado-1 which is the largest oil discovery in Australia for several decades, have demonstrated that a working oil petroleum system exists in the area and caused a wholesale change in thinking regarding the prospectivity of the area. 

Substantial potential appears to exist not only in and around the Phoenix South area, but up-dip on the flanks of the basin, where the results of Dorado-1 and Keraudren-1 demonstrate significantly better-quality reservoirs exist within the Triassic sediments. 

The results also highlight the potential for oil to migrate up onto the adjacent Broome Platform into accumulations analogous to the Stag, Gwydion and Cornea fields elsewhere in the region. A review of the available data over the Broome Platform reveals multiple potential reservoir-seal pairs in the Mesozoic strata as well as direct hydrocarbon indications such as surface seepage and pockmarks that further highlight the possibilities. 

The Bilby 2D survey was acquired by the BGP Explorer utilising high-end Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer technology, Bolt Source equipment and continuous recording. 

The seismic data processing was conducted by DownUnder GeoSolutions, Perth. Final data is available now. 

In addition to the Bilby 2D survey, Searcher also has the Roebuck Super-Tie@trade;, a regional grid comprising over 5,000 km of reprocessed PSTM data and a Prospectivity Study to provide a new look at the big picture of the offshore Canning area and are available now. 

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Project Parameters

Project Size 14,212.37km
Acquisition Details

Vessel: BGP Explorer 

Streamer: Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer 

Source: 1 x 3480 in3 Airgun Array 

Acquisition Parameters

Sample Rate: 2 ms 

SP Int: 18.75 m 

Record Length: Min 8 sec (continuous) 

Streamer Length: 8 km 


Filtered and Scaled Relative Amplitude Angle Volumes (Near, Mid, Far) 

Ultra Far Stack 

Final NMO corrected PSTM Gathers 

Navigation Data 

Processing Report 

RMS Migration Velocities 

RMS stacking Velocities 

Pre Migration Gathers 

Seismic Example

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